About Us:

We are licensed, engineering contractors (California License Number 603892) and Certified Energy Managers (Association of Energy Engineers Certification Number 15066). We have an economist on staff, that can analyze your site data and place your energy savings in a dollars and cents context.

We have been in business since 1980, specializing in cost-effective power generation and energy saving technologies and their implementation. We permit, design, and install these technologies. We will apply and obtain for you the many available utility or government incentives/rebates that are due you for having installed clean, green energy saving equipment.

Energy Consulting:

We provide consulting services for commercial companies. We customize our energy analysis to each client in order to come up with economical and energy savings solutions.

Why look at Energy consulting?

Having an energy analysis allows your company to see the big picture regarding your energy needs and hone into the customized fixes which will give you the most bang for your buck. We look not just at the obvious fixes the so called low hanging fruit to solve your energy needs but at the larger more complicated issues. We dissect your energy bills find out when you have greatest demands and create a spread sheet analyzing your true needs. We then match your company to the rebates and incentives that will make a project go from a good deal to an even better deal.

Why look at Electro thermal as your energy consultant?

We have thirty years of experience working on solar, cogeneration and energy management projects. We have an economist on staff, along with a mechanical engineer. We are licensed engineering contractors have been certified as energy managers.

What areas do we serve?

We serve the entire US regarding energy consulting.