Project Financing

We have third party investors willing to invest in energy projects which means no money down to install a project

Third party investors for our solar thermal clients:

Will take the tax credits and rebates and sell you the energy back at 30-35% off the cost you would pay your utility

You buy the energy generated from the solar system at a fixed discounted rate. If the rate you pay the utility declines so does the rate you pay for your energy-your savings are guaranteed.

The energy produced is monitored and metered with CSI thermal program approved monitoring system

The contract lasts for ten years-at that time you have the option of purchasing the system for fair market value or sign up again with our third party investors at a larger discount.

All maintenance for the solar systems is free of charge under the contract with third party investors

Equipment financing

We have put together for our solar thermal customers equipment financing program
Equipment financing covers up to 70% of the cost of the system